Sigurd Bronger Joy of a toy. Sigurd Bronger (b. 1957) Lives and works in Oslo, Norway. He is known for his mechanical constructions filled with humour and surprising elements. His art pieces are transportation devices for everyday objects, such as a shoe sole, sponge or an egg. In 2011, Sigurd Bronger’s extensive retrospective exhibition: ”Ballongferd ” was held at the Lillehammer Fine Art Museum. His work has been acquired by important museums such as the V&A in London, Het Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam and the Nationalmuseum in Stockholm. In 2012 he received the world’s largest design prize, the Torsten & Wanja Söderberg Prize. “Bronger invites us on a journey into his mechanical wonderland, full of boys’ dreams and romantic, joyful pranks. He takes us back to the early design language of industrialism and the innovations of the Renaissance, or forward to utopian visions of the future. Time is a material, alongside precious metals, and wood, all meticulously selected and worked over a long, sterling process.”
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