"Take your protein pills and put your helmet " What more do we need than this directive from Ground Control to Major Tom in David Bowie´s "Space Oddity"? Carbohydrates, fat, proteins, vitamins, minerals and water are all we need to survive. Apart from situations that force us to look upon nutrition like that, we tend to search for better, new, different, exciting and the unknown. The kitchen is filled with cookbooks. New ingredients and combinations are explored. Popular cooking programs on TV, restaurants are booked a year ahead, the chef has become a star. Our minds want to be stimulated as much as our taste buds do. But what feeds us as makers, designers and artists? Why do we go to our studio every day to make what we make? To draw, hammer and paint, produce, transform and shape? What are the sources we work from? What inspires us? What fires us up and gets us going? And how does this become visible? A lot of information about artists can be found on Internet including images of their work. In this year’s edition of the Zimmerhof Symposium we asked the speakers therefore to not only show their work, but mainly to shed a light on their sources, their inspiration, and what feeds them in their practice. For four days we will dive into the different aspects of the meaning of "Nourishment". So there will be great food! As well for thought... This might be the last chance to experience the Zimmerhof Symposium at the fantastic location as you know it. As always the Zimmerhof Symposium will be a great opportunity to meet people, get informed, discuss and to have a good time. Hope to meet you there.
49 Schmucksymposium Zimmerhof 2017 Bad Rappenau Ehrenbergstrasse 25 25.05-28.05